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If you follow my instargam account (@mangoush_) you would have seen my 30days art challenge in Ramadhan. I have created the challenge to encourage people to develop their skills during the holy month and paint everyday with one keyword that we all followed! Including myself. However, with being busy in Ramadan, I couldn’t draw or paint on a daily basis, but I painted for a total of 13 days. The experience of drawing with reference to a certain word taught me things about myself as an artist and about my style which I didn't know.

In this post I would like to share 5 things I learnt about myself during the 30 days art challenge. Here they are:

  1. I learnt that I actually like to include specific colors in my paintings and I prefer them more than other colors or hues, especially shades of blue and pastel colors.

  2. The challenge showed me that I like mixing painting styles, a mixture of abstract and natural painting, and this is something I did not notice before with my art.

  3. I like to include natural elements such as flowers, plants, women, animals, fruits ... When I draw these things, I enjoy painting more.

  4. As for the tools, I discovered that I like mixing tools. I used a towel for a first time!, a knife palette, brushes and modelling paste for one of the paintings for the background.

  5. The last note I would like to share is that I noticed that I don’t like to be obligated to draw /paint everyday, and it's very normal! After listening to many podcasts such as The Art Biz by Alyson Stanfield who interviews amazing artists around the globe, a break is very important in order to regain my energy to create and draw something that meets a good standard.

Did you ever paint a few days in a row? What was your experience like? #30daysartchallenge#artchallenge#artstudio#artoftheday#artofinstagram#artistsoninstagram#artistblog

شنو تعلمت من تحدي ٣٠ يوم الرسم؟

مع الانشغال برمضان ما قدرت ارسم يوميا بصراحة ، بس رسمت ١٣ يوم. تجربة اني ارسم من كلمة معينه علمتني وايد اشياء عن نفسي. كرسامة اكثر من اي شي ثاني و حبيت اشارككم هاذي التجربة.

١. تعلمت ان في الوان معينه اميل لها و احبها و افضلها اكثر من الوان ثانية خصوصا الازرق و الالوان المريحة و الباستيل

٢. تبينلي اني احب اخلط ما بين الرسم التجريدي و الطبيعي باللوحة و هذا شي ما كنت ملاحظته من قبل برسمي

٣. احب ارسم عناصر طبيعية مثل الورد، الزرع، مرأة، حيوانات، فاكهة ... لمًا ارسم هالاشياء استمتع اكثر و احس اني قادرة ابدع

٤. بالنسبة للادوات ، اكتشفت اني احب اخلط بين الادوات خصوصا ان الوان الاكريليك تساعد على هالشي لانها برعة تنشف و سهل التحكم فيها

٥. اخر ملاحظة، لاحظت اني ماحب ارسم كل يوم و هذا الشي جدا طبيعي ، نفس اي شغلة موجودة ، البريك مهم جدا عشان استعيد طاقتي و my creativity و اقدر ابدع و ارسم شي يرضيني

جربتوا ترسمون لمدة معينه بدون لا توقفون ؟ شلون كانت

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